Campaign supporters will review and provide feedback on campaign initiatives, outputs and proposed next steps. Initial campaign initiatives include:

Market Research Report

Research firms will facilitate focus groups and quantitative internet studies to pinpoint the target audience, determine what marketing initiatives will have the most impact and identify career perception challenges and opportunities. Read More >

Campaign Brand Development

Expert creative development resources will be harnessed in order to craft clear and consistent messaging points, tone of voice and look & feel. Read More >

Content Marketing Development & Strategy

Simultaneously, we will identify effective marketing opportunities to bolster workforce recruitment. The content marketing strategy will identify potential platforms and programs to connect with the identified target audience, develop creative initiatives that engage and drive a call to action, deploy messaging, and optimize content placement.

Potential follow-on initiatives include development of content that speaks and reaches the target audience including video testimonials, an organic social media campaign that provides a 2-way conversation around choosing a career path, targeted display ads, and mobile games and apps. Read More >

Success Measurement

Once developed and deployed, the marketing strategy will be constantly measured and assessed on the performance of each platform, tactic and activity. Depending upon the platform, performance assessments and optimizations will be made on a daily, weekly and/ or monthly basis. Read More >

In order to address the immediate needs of the campaign, we will need a running start in terms of research and strategic planning. Below is an example timeline of what can be done:

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.24.58 AM.png